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Garage Security Kit

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Garage Security Kit

A garage is the ideal spot to store valuable equipment such as bicycles, tools, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and even gym apparatus which can be worth thousands of pounds.

The garage security kit includes everything you need to secure your valuables with an anchor featuring anti-tamper fixings, a 3m long hardened chain resistant to cutting and cropping attacks, and a U-lock to keep it all items tightly secured.

The entirety of this kit is independently tested by Sold Secure, it is also all Secured By Design the official police initiative that works to improve security through good product design.

Independently tested by Sold Secure




Police recommended

“Secured by Design” – the official Police initiative to support reducing crime through good product design. The “SBD” logo shows the product meets strict standards through independent certification and good product design.



SA 1280 – Ground Anchor at a glance

  • Wall or floor mounting
  • 6mm Hardened steel plate
  • Supplied with 10mm tamper resistant anchor bolts
  • Ball bearings for tamper resistant bolt heads
  • Sold Secure bicycle diamond and motorcycle gold
  • Ground anchor dimensions: 159w x 63h x 80d (mm)


Security Chain at a glance:

  • Hardened square link chain
  • High quality textile sleeve
  • Hacksaw and cropper resistant
  • Sold Secure Bicycle Silver Approved
  • Secured by Design Police preferred specification
  • Dimensions: Length 3m, Diameter 10mm 

1480 HB 100 60 – U-Lock at a glance:

  • Double bolted mechanism
  • Case hardened steel shackle and body
  • Protective rotating keyhole cover
  • Weather resistant
  • Strong disc locking mechanism
  • Large number of key differs
  • Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond & Motorcycle Gold
  • U-Lock Dimensions 97w x100h (mm),  Shackle 40w x 45h x 16 Dia (mm)

PIR Motion Sensor Alarm at a glance:

  • PIR detects motion up to 7m
  • Two infrared remote control key fobs
  • Auto reset after 30 seconds
  • Loud 102dB alarm
  • Wall mounting
  • Battery operated



Art.-No. Description Kit Contents
 Kit 31 – 702040
Garage Security Kit
1 x Ground Anchor (701415)
1 x GKM 10/300 Security Chain (29520)
1 x Heavy Duty U Bolt Lock (701707)
1 x PIR Motion Sensor Alarm (702081)