Sold Secure are the official testing body of the Master Locksmith Association, the UK body which governs security hardware standards. Products are rigorously tested against these standards and graded based on resistance to attack.

Delta 650 and 660 CS – Hardened Steel
Delta 650 and 660 CS – Hardened Steel

      Hardened steel, open and closed shackle Delta 650/660 range of hardened solid steel body padlocks available in two sizes with either open or closed shackles. The hardened boron steel shackle and double ball bearing locking offers maximum … Read More

Alpha Titan 900
900 Alpha Titan

High-tech padlock for highest security demands extreme high protection against cutting and drilling due to a special body construction hardened steel body ultra-hardened shackle chrome-plated exchangeable precision locking mechanism, protected against drilling and corrosion easy opening of the shackle prepared … Read More

Alpha 800
800 Alpha

High-performance padlock protected against opening by bolt cutting and drilling (all-round protection) hardened steel body, chrome-plated handy plastic cover MnCr steel shackle, specially hardened double ball bearing locking several tons breaking strength high-tech cylinder, more than 300,000 key differs cylinder … Read More