With the EURO cash boxes and the matching inserts, counting and administrating your banknotes and coins becomes especially easy. A lot of space and well organised inserts make handling very easy and convenient. The inserts are removable.

Business ZK 7300 EURO
ZK 7250 EURO

Business counting tray cash boxes Complete with EURO tray for notes and coins. The tray for coins can be put up into the open lid. With separate compartment for coin rolls. The tray can be taken out of the box. … Read More

Office ZK 2307 EURO

Office counting tray cash boxes Inexpensive EURO counting cash box on the basis of the Offi ce series. Complete with EURO tray for notes and coins. Due to the flat construction this cash box fits perfectly into drawers. The tray … Read More

EURO counting trays

EURO counting trays Cash box and drawer trays for notes and coins. Art.-No. W x D x H ZE 250 EURO 253 x 194 x 65 ZE 300 EURO 326 x 228 x 65

EURO coin trays

EURO coin trays Drawer trays for coins only. Art.-No. W x D x H ZE 251 EURO 249 x 146 x 50 ZE 301 EURO 326 x 167 x 50