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General questions concerning safes

I am seeking a safe with fire protection. How much fire protection provides which safe? What do the levels specified in the brochure mean?
The specified levels are used to classify the different models within the BURG-WÄCHTER family. If you are looking for a safe that offers both a certified fire protection as well as a certified burglary protection, we recommend you a safe from the Combi-Line, Diplomat and OfficeDoku series.

My safe is locked and no key available or to be found. What can I do?
Contact your local specialist (dealer locator on our homepage). If the key was stolen or lost, depending on the value of the safe we recommend to either change the safe or install a new lock. When looking for a specialist our service line +49 (0)2335 965 413 is happy to help.

My key has been broken. What can I do?
Check the key bit. Take the spare key to a security dealer (locksmith), who will create a duplicate.

What happens to the programmed code when you change the batteries?
The code remains the same (true for all models where the batteries are located on the outside (almost the complete assortment).

I would like to change my codes, where can I find the manual?
On the BURG-WÄCHTER website you can find all manuals.

The electronic lock on my safe gives no more signals does not respond at all.
1. Change the batteries
2. If necessary, clean the battery contacts, or use either pole grease or contact spray
3. If it still does not work, please remove the batteries, then (at least 3 x) press ON/Enter, insert new batteries and try again with the known code.

For which safes is a change of the door possible:
a) after a burglary
b) to change the locking system from S to E
Only for VdS-approved safes and gun cabinets starting from Grade 0 (N). thus Karat, Diplomat, Office, Royal

Questions concerning Basic-Safe / Smart Safe / Uni-Safe

I bought a new safe with electronic combination lock. Are the batteries included and where can I find these?
Yes. 4 batteries, on the outerside or on the inside of the safe.

Does the electronic have an emergency lock with keys? If so, where are the emergency keys?
Yes. The emergency key is packed in a bag and attached to the door.

I want to fix my safe. Are plugs and screws included? If so, where are they to be found?
Yes. The bag of screws is inside the safe or on the outside.

What can I do if the code is no longer known but the door is open?
Press the inner knob and re-program.

What can I do if the code is no longer known but the door is locked?
Open by using the emergency key. Reprogram the code.

What happens to the programmed code when you change the batteries?
After a battery change, the code must be reprogrammed.

What is the code of my safe upon delivery?
On the BURG-WÄCHTER website you will find all manuals. These safes do not have a factory code.