771 F 40 Red Heart


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Cylinder padlock 771 F 40 Red Heart

This padlock is an eye-catcher and a robust security at the same time. The 771 F 40 Red Heart lock combines the protection of gates, doors and chains with an attractive motif. On the durable aluminum body in red a heart and the words “love” are immortalized. Thanks to the high-quality paint the beautiful motif is very durable.

The cylinder padlock facilitates everyday life in many situations. After all, there is always a latch, a chain, a box, a locker or a gate, which you have to secure. Furthermore, Red Heart is also a beautiful memory of a special person or an encounter. That is why the motif lock can also be used as a love lock. On the aluminum body personal engraving, the dedication or a special date can be easily accommodated. Because the back is just kept neutral (without imprint).

Long-lasting motif lock with rustproof locking mechanism

The aluminum body saves weight. Furthermore, the material is very durable and weather resistant. Of course, the necessary safety was also thought of: The shackle is double bolted and extra hardened. This makes it much harder to attempt a break-up. The interior of the padlock 771 F 40 Red Heart is rustproof. This will allow you to safely open and close the lock for many years without any problems.
The padlock Red Heart is part of the 771 series from BURG-WÄCHTER. In the series you will find various colourful motif locks. Whether Berlin, London or Helvetia: there is the right motif for every taste in the series.

The padlock 771 F 40 Red Heart at a glance

  • Neutral backside, it offers plenty of space for labeling
  • Solid aluminium body
  • Hardened shackle, double-bolted
  • Rustproof interior
  • Part of the creative padlock series 771
Shackle Ø Horizontal clearance Vertical clearance Vertical clearance Key blank no.
mm mm mm mm
771 F 40 Red Heart SB 6,5 22,0 23,5 64,0 68R