771 F 40 Helvetia


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Cylinder padlock  771 F 40 Helvetia

Switzerland is the land of the mountains. This is why the Alpine panorama, together with the Swiss Cross, adorns the practical padlock Helvetia. Of course, the padlock is kept in the Swiss national colour –red. The padlock 771 F 40 Helvetia is a real eye-catcher – not only for Switzerland lovers.

The name Helvetia is still present in Switzerland

By the way, the Latin name Helvetia is still used for Switzerland until today. For example, on coins or stamps, this name is used.
Why? Because it does not favour any of the four Swiss national languages ​​(German, French, Italian, Romansh).

Just neutral – just like Switzerland itself. The cylinder padlock 771 F 40 Helvetia is made for a variety of everyday situations. In addition to securing gates, lockers or chains, the padlock is also a beautiful decoration and a lasting memory of your last holiday in Switzerland. The lock is fully painted and has a high-quality look.

Padlock Helvetia 771 F 40 – Solid aluminum body, double-bolted and hardened shackle

The solid aluminum body ensures the necessary longevity. The shackle of Helvetia padlock scores with its features: double-bolted, hardened. This combination makes it hard for thieves to crack. The interior of the padlock 771 F 40 Helvetia is rustproof. You can safely open and close the lock without problems for many years.
The BURG-WÄCHTER’s creative series 771 offers many other attractive motifs. Thus, everyone can find the right padlock.


The padlock 771 F 40 Helvetia at a glance

  • All around painted with an original motif from Switzerland
  • Solid aluminium body
  • Hardened shackle, double-bolted
  • Rustproof interior
  • Secures doors, lockers, chains or is simply a great eye-catcher or a long-lasting reminder for Switzerland lovers
  • Part of the creative padlock series 771


Art.-No. Shackle Ø Horizontal clearance Vertical clearance Total height Key blank no.
mm mm mm mm
771 F 40 Helvetia SB 6,5 22,0 23,5 64,0 68R