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Moving into a new dream home? Upgrading existing security? We have a solution.

Our smart home security kit is ideal for protecting your family, valuables and treasured memories.

All-in-one box smart security solution for one great price:



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Technology is making securing the home easier and more convenient than ever. Over 20% of Britons already have at least one smart device in their home. Add in those that have video surviellence and it is clear to see many people are now looking towards technology based solutions to keep their home safe.

BURG-WÄCHTER has chosen four of it’s popular products to make the ideal solution for upgrading your existing security, or for setting up a solution in a new home. We believe that a quality safe should be at the heart of every home. It offers the last line of defence in protecting your most valuable & prized assets.

Around the safe build layers of security – a video surviellence camera such as our SMARTcam 3020 allows you to keep and eye on what is happening, and record footage as evidence. An alarm is a tried and tested deterrent for buglary, and should the worse happen, the siren makes neighbours aware. Using smart technology such as our BurgProtect wireless alarm system, not only does the siren sound, a notification is sent to all users smartphones so you know something is occuring, no matter where you are.

Someone at the door? Our DG8500 Video Doorbell lets you know someone is at the door, even when you are away from the home. A live video feed and 2-way audio means you can hear and speak to them. The motion sensor also looks out for unwanted visitors, and with an optional micro SD card you can automatically record what they are up to.

Four smart solutions to make your home more secure, convenient and safe.

PointSafe P2 E FS: The perfect home safe with biometric fingerscan lock for opening with a swipe of an authorised finger. 

Door eGuard DG8500: See, hear and speak to who is at the door with our smart video doorbell.

BURGprotect Smart Alarm Set 2210: Everything you need to secure your home the smart way. 

SMARTcam 3020: This discreet indoor camera has 2-way audio so you can see, hear and speak.

Always in control: Our free app keeps you alert of events happening at home – even when away!

Instantly see, hear and even speak to visitors – even the unwanted ones!

Available for iOS and Android smartphones:
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Checkout with confidence with PayPal & Free Delivery via DPD.

Only: £479

DG8500 Video Doorbell

See who is at the door, even when not at home with the DG8500 video doorbell. 2-way audio means you can hear and talk to your visitor via the free app.

  • 720P HD Video
  • 2-way audio with mic
  • Micro SD card slot for up to 128GB card
  • Record locally with no monthly subscription fee
  • Free app for Android and iOS
BURGprotect Set 2210

The complete wireless smart home alarm starter set. BURGprotect allows you to know what is happening at home, from anywhere.

  • Plug & Play: Place sensors, plug and it is ready to go!
  • Three ways to connect to the internet: LAN, WiFi or GSM Sim
  • Backup battery offers up to eight hours of battery life
  • No subscription required
  • Free app for iOS and Android
PointSafe P2 E FS

Compact safe with motor driven locking bolts. Access is granted via either a programmed pincode or fingerprint.

  • £1,000 insurable cash rating & up to £10,000 for valuables
  • Solid all-round steel construction
  • Battery operated lock & locking bolts
  • Emergency key override
  • Includes batteries & fixings
BURGcam Smart 3020

Compact indoor camera with 2-way audio and recording function.

  • Super HD 2K video
  • 3MP sensor with wide angle (120 degrees) lens
  • In-built micro SD card for standalone recording
  • 2-way audio with in-built mic
  • IR night vision feature